Great Gift Ideas for All Ages - Baby, Toddlers & Kids

Trying to find the perfect gift? Look no further! Here at Little Canadian we have a lot of different options for gifts for children of all ages. 

When searching for an age specific gift it can be hard especially since all children grow and develop at their own pace, especially when they’re under the age of 2. We have some amazing options for this age group from sensory toys, teething toys and items to help them grow! The Jellycat soft books are colourful and chewing safe toys for children. They are great sensory items that make sounds and have different textures to engage your baby in new learning. Jelly cat also makes stuffed animals with matching jellycat books so bedtime stories can be much more interactive and a bonding experience for both parents and little ones! One of the most popular items on the market is the Sophie teether. Great for those teething pains and loved by babies and parents alike. The best thing about the Sophie teether is it is designed to be a teething item that reaches the molars to help relieve some of that pain when they are coming in. Anything that eases discomfort at this stage is a winner in our books. The Janod cat walkers are also a great gift for this age range as it helps transition into independent walking and aid in allowing babies to explore their surroundings. Help your little ones develop fine motor skills and dexterity with the additional 8 activities featured on the front of this item. We love a multi use product! 


Aged 3-5? Time to explore and play! Janod makes amazing toys for children these ages including their puzzles, play kits and magnetic books! They also have a great selection of large wooden play sets such as their happy kitchen and their DIY workbench! These toys are very interactive and promote imagination and creativity from your young children. The Kaloo dolls also make a great addition to any toy collection as they come in many skin shades which allows any child to feel included. Don’t forget to take advantage of the warm weather while it’s here with Mini Micro Scooters -these start at a recommended age range of 3 years old and are amazing toys for outside activities and keep your child active and encourage them to play outside!


Let their individuality shine! Kids aged 5-8 are growing into their own personalities, which sometimes makes gift shopping a little bit harder. Luckily for you, Little Canadian has many options for this age group. For the children who are a little more active, the Maxi Micro scooters we carry have some available for this age group with lots of colour options to fit your child. Or, step it up a notch with our new Razor E-Scooters!. Children love these and they are a great, more advanced option to get your child to spend more time outside and active. We also carry the Razor Ripstik which is a really popular toy around this age and is a loved gift by many children (and parents too!). If your child is more interested in mind challenging games, we carry a lot of awesome puzzles such as Janod progressive puzzles that are made age specific and come in a lot of themes so you can find one that you and your child love. Hape and Ravensburger are new additions to the Little Canadian line up, and we love them both! Hape is great for creative toys and pretend play to nurture their imagination, and Ravesburger has it covered with puzzles of all shapes, sizes and difficulties! 

Whatever age group or personality your child has we have many toys to fit all your needs and to make each gift an extra special one! To shop any of these products you can check them out on our website or come in to your local Little Canadian and our staff will be happy to help you! You can also reach us at or call us and we can answer any questions you may have.