Baby Bath & Potty

Marble White Blush Pink Cloudy Blue Sage Taupe Ivory
Ubbi - Steel Diaper Pail - Odor Resistant
$108.95 - $126.95
Tradewinds Blush Pale Fog Moss Grey Pearl Sea Mist
Mushie - Organic Cotton Baby Hooded Towel
Grey-White Blue-White
Boon - Naked Bath Tub
Blue White
Stokke - Flexi Bath Bundle w/ Support
Boon - Soak Bath Tub
Blue Grey
Skip Hop
Skip Hop - Moby Bath Mat - New
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Stokke - Flexi Bath Foldable Bathtub
$47.99 - $73.95
Black Grey Melange
Skip Hop
Skip Hop - Pronto Signature Changing Station
Pale Fog Pale Taupe Blush Baby Blue Tradewinds Cedar
Mushie - Extra Soft Muslin Changing Pad Cover
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Boon - Tubes Building Bath Toys
Dekor Mini - Hands Free Diaper Pail

There’s often nothing quite as enjoyable as bath time for mom, dad and baby! It’s the perfect time to bond with your little one, and while it’s all about fun, you’ll need some practical baby bath items, too. We take a look at some of the most essential baby bath items below.


Your Bath Time Checklist

Your little one’s safety is top priority when it comes to getting him or her squeaky clean. A sticky baby bath mat or bath seat can help to keep baby from slipping or moving around too much in the tub. While those are great for older babies, if you have a newborn on your hands, then an infant bath tub is your best bet. These small tubs will also help you to save water, rather than filling up a massive tub for such a teeny tiny person.

Other baby bath accessories that you’ll need, aside from a face cloth, baby soap or baby wash, include diaper pails and baby bath towels. Hooded towels are wonderful luxuries to have. Since we, as humans, lose most of our body heat through our heads, hooded towels for babies help to keep them warm after bath time is over. They’re also really convenient for drying baby’s hair.

Other must have baby bath items include bath toys. Your little one will love splashing about in the water and playing with any toys that you throw in there – boats, rubber duckies etc. are always winners.


Baby Potties

The bathroom is also home to the potty. When shopping for baby potties, look for something colorful, small and comfortable. Our Bumbo Step ‘n Potty is very popular at the moment and converts from a potty into a slip-resistant step stool – great for when your little one starts brushing his or her teeth!

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