What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag: The Essentials

Having a baby is already a very exciting but potentially stressful time especially if it is your first child. One thing a lot of first time parents can feel overwhelmed with is what to bring to the hospital, especially figuring out those must have items. Below we will be discussing helpful items to bring to the hospital when you’re giving birth


1. Nursing Bras and Pads

A must have for all new mom's are nursing bras and nursing pads. Even if you aren't breast feeding these offer support for that new transition period and make breastfeeding and pumping a breeze. Medela offers different styles of nursing bras to give you the support and comfort you need and are a customer favorite. Adding nursing pads inside your nursing bra help prevent any leaks and uncomfort.


2. Healthcare items

The hospital will provide anything you forget, so try not to stress! Focus on items that provide comfort and relief to both mom and baby when packing your healthcare supplies. Items like nipple cream or balm (a must have for new breastfeeding and pumping moms to prevent and soothe sore, dry or chapped nipples), herbal sitz baths, cooling sprays and peri bottles can help mom greatly after such a big job! Frida Mom offers ice- maxi pad and Substance offers a post-delivery kit for all mom’s needs after giving birth. For your little one, think of products you want to use for your baby specifically (as opposed to what the hospital may provide) and try to bring those!

Post-Delivery Kit

  • Nipple cream: Most women experience sore, dry and chapped nipples when breastfeeding so it is always a good idea to have some nipple cream on hand to soothe yourself.
  • Cooling Spray: Helps to provide relief for some symptoms after giving birth.
  • New Mama Comfort tea: Helps relieve stress from all the excitement that happens after labor.
  • Herbal sitz bath: Helps relax and restore your body.Belly Jelly (stretch mark balm): This product will most likely be used awhile before giving birth but it is handy to have after birth to help moisturize and soothe your belly


Frida Mom Peri Bottle

This product is helpful for after birth to help clean out any bacteria and help prevent infection


Ice Maxi Pads

This product is a must have for women post-delivery. These are not only absorbent but they also provide a cooling effect to help soothe you after birth.


3. Baby clothing

Bringing baby home is the moment you’ve been waiting for, don’t forget to pack an outfit for their big debut! Soft cotton onesies and footies are perfect for babies (always pack extra, and we suggest both newborn and 0-3 months just to be safe), and don’t forget those essential socks and mittens to keep them warm and prevent them from scratching themselves. Pictures are a must as this is a big milestone, so we recommend a cute knotted hat and swaddle combo for the perfect “time to go home!” pic


4. First Day Essentials: Pacifiers and soothing blankets and swaddles

Little ones are notoriously picky, and what worked best for one baby might not work for everyone, so it’s always a good idea to pack a small variety of comfort items such as swaddles, sleep sacks and pacifiers to bring with you to see what your baby likes best! Having these options to soothe and comfort your baby can make the world of difference in those first few nights.



5. Bath Items

Welcoming your new little Canadian into the world can get messy, and while the hospital will provide you with your essentials, it’s nice to have products you know and trust for both you and your baby. Natural sponges and luxurious cotton muslin washcloths (like our favorite Little Unicorn 3 pk) along with all natural products such as Baby Boo Bamboo’s line of all natural products are a great addition to hospital bags so mom and baby are well taken care of through all parts of this journey.

6. Extra bag: Something to bring it all home

Hospital staff are great, and are often more than willing to provide new families extra essentials like diapers, formula samples, and postpartum items for mom (which often come in handy so stock up if they offer!). This combined with gifts that eager friends and family may have dropped off, an array of paperwork and anything extra that baby needed often means new parents are leaving the hospital with much more than they came in with. We always recommend bringing an extra bag to bring it all home with you. This makes discharge from the hospital as easy as possible and saves the need for multiple trips to the car and back. Our Freshly Picked bags are a top favorite for their gender neutral options, backpack carry straps (having as many hands free as possible is always a good thing) and different size options.


These next two items you may have trouble fitting into your hospital bag but they are definitely two items you won't want to forget and are very important to add to your essential checklist!


1. Nursing Pillow

Most parents bring their own pillow from home into the hospital to help them rest better during those hours before and after birth. The hospital does provide pillows, unfortunately hospital pillows offer no comfort, and mamma should be as comfortable as she can be during this process and be able to catch those vital zzz’s while she can! Bringing your own pillow from home provides extra comfort for mom (and partner!), and bringing a nursing pillow along helps in those first few days while getting used to breastfeeding

2. #1 Safety Items- Car Seats and Strollers

Last but certainly not least, you will need to bring the car seat to the hospital to take your baby home in. This is a must have...no really, you can’t leave the hospital without it! Infant car seats, convertible car seats, stroller compatibility, the options are endless. Choosing the right car seat for your new little one can be a daunting task with so many options on the market, but our Little Canadian experts are here to help! Both in store and online, you can connect with product experts who can help walk you through the many options available to you. We can help you find the perfect car seat for your family and find a stroller that fits your needs and makes it as easy as possible to get out and about with your newest addition. Please check with your local hospital to see what their car seat regulations are prior to purchase as this may vary by location.


One of the most exciting times in a new mom’s life is the day her new baby arrives. Little Canadian is here to  take the worry and stress away and help you stay prepared.