Uppababy FAQ - Everything you need to know about Canada’s best selling baby brand

  • What’s so special about Uppababy?
  • Uppababy has produced the best selling premium baby gear for over a decade. The brand is well known for their sleek strollers, fashionable car seats, and well crafted fabrics. Uppababy subjects their products to rigorous safety tests that go well beyond the periodic mandates required by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Each stroller is designed to be maneuvered with ease- gifting new parents paramount convenience. Their promise to produce the highest degree of quality and safety justifies their leading role in the baby products industry today.

  • Where are Uppababy strollers made?
  • All Uppababy strollers are designed in Massachusetts and manufactured, under strict guidelines and regulations, in China.

  • What’s the difference between the Toddler Seat and Rumble Seat?
  • The Toddler Seat comes with your Uppababy stroller. This seat can be used from 3 months to 50 lbs. The Rumble Seat is purchased separately and acts as a second seat that can be attached to your Vista or Vista V2 stroller with the included adapters. It supports from 3 months to 35 lbs. Additionally, it features an extendable canopy, bumper bar, and bug shield- making it a highly efficient and baby-friendly addition.

  • Can I use my Uppababy stroller from birth?
  • The Uppababy Cruz V2 and Vista V2 strollers can not be used from birth on their own. Both strollers are suitable for 3 months to 50 lbs. Luckily, there are add-ons that provide a solution to parents who want to maximize the use of their Uppababy stroller:

    • Use the Infant SnugSeat to make the Toddler Seat newborn ready.
    • Swap out the Toddler Seat for a V2 Bassinet which can be used from birth to 20 lbs.
    • Purchase an infant car seat that is compatible with the Vista or Cruz.

  • Until when can I use my Uppababy stroller?
  • When your child outgrows their stroller seat can depend on their height and/or weight. Fortunately, the Cruz and Vista both feature a canopy that adjust to make room for you growing child. Conclusively, all Uppababy strollers are designed to be used from 3 months to 50 lbs.

  • What car seat can I use with Uppababy?
  • The Uppababy Cruz V2 and Vista V2 are compatible with the Uppababy Mesa Car Seat (no adapter needed) and Nuna, Maxi-Cosi, Clek, and Cybex car seats (adapter needed).

  • Does Uppababy ever go on sale?
  • An Uppababy sale is extremely rare. Under specific instruction from the manufacturer, retailers are seldomly allowed to put Uppababy products on sale or at a reduced price. Don’t miss out and sign up for our email list to be notified of any upcoming deals and ways to save!

  • Uppababy Cruz V2 vs. Uppababy Vista V2? Which is better?
  • Uppababy Cruz V2

    Shared Qualities

    Uppababy Vista V2

    Uppababy Cruz V2 is a single stroller.

    Both strollers are considered full-size strollers.

    Uppababy Vista V2 is an expandable stroller. This stroller can turn into a double stroller with the addition of a second seat, sold separately.

    Uppababy Cruz V2 weights 25.5lbs.

    Both strollers are suitable for 3 months to 50 lbs.

    Uppababy Vista V2 weighs 28.8lbs.

    Uppababy Cruz V2 includes the canopy, bumper bar, frame, basket, wheels, toddler seat, toddler seat rain shield, and toddler seat bug shield.

    Both strollers entail a high back, long leg rest, and deep footrest.

    Uppababy Vista V2 includes the bassinet, bassinet storage bag, bassinet bug shield, canopy, bumper bar, frame, basket, wheels, toddler seat, toddler seat rain shield, and toddler seat bug shield.

    Uppababy Cruz V has 7 in. foam-filled front wheels and 10 in. foam-filled rear wheels.

    Both strollers entail 100% full-grain leather details.

    Uppababy Vista V2 has 8 in. foam-filled front wheels and 11 in. foam-filled front wheels.

    Uppababy Cruz V2 is priced at: $869.95

    Both strollers are available in Alice, Hazel, Finn, Bryce, Gregory, Emmett, Jake, and Jordan.

    Uppababy Vista V2 is priced at: $1299.99

    So, which stroller is better? Truthfully, both strollers present different perks and drawbacks. Deciding on which stroller to purchase is based purely on personal preference and your needs as a parent.

  • Where can I buy an Uppababy stroller in Canada?
  • At Little Canadian, we offer fast free shipping, a 3 year warranty, and easy returns. Make your purchase with ease knowing that the Little Canadian team will support you and provide outstanding customer service.

    Aside from being fashionable, Uppababy products promise practicality, efficiency, and safety. An Uppababy purchase is an investment that you won’t regret. And your little one/s will love it too!

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