UPPAbaby Cruz vs Cruz V2: A Little Canadian comparison

Calling all the UPPAbaby fans!! Did you know UPPAbaby is coming out with a brand new line of products in 2020? They are redesigning all their fantastic products with a few new features. In this article we’ll be discussing the all new Cruz stroller- It’s called the Cruz V2 and we can’t get enough of it! 

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 2020 coming soon

I know what you’re thinking, why redesign the already amazing UPPAbaby Cruz? It is one of Little Canadian’s best sellers. Don’t worry- UPPAbaby kept their famous features like the quick and compact fold, and added a few new additions. Take a look below to find out what the new Cruz V2 holds!


Cruz (2019)

Cruz V2 (2020)

Weight of stroller



Weight capacity



Toddler seat dimensions

Seat back height: 18”

Leg rest length: 9”

Footrest depth: 2”

Seat back height: 20”

Leg rest length: 11”

Footrest depth: 2.5”

Folded dimensions with seat

17”L x 22.3” W x 36”H

16.5”L x 22.8”W x 32.5”H

Unfolded dimension

37”L x 22.3”W x 40.5”H

37.5”L x 22.8”W x 40”H

Storage basket weight capacity



Wheel size

Front: 6.4”

Back: 8.5”

Front” 7”

Back: 10”

Wheel suspension


Front + Dual- action Rear suspension

Harness system

Five point rethread harness

Five point non-rethread harness

Front wheel lock


Yes- with new visual indicators.


Adjustable canopy with pop out sunshade

Adjustable canopy with zip out fabric extender and vent panels


Cruz 2018

Cruz V2

Colour options

UPPAbaby has redesigned the look of the very famous Cruz stroller. They have added beautiful new colours; Alice (pink), Hazel (deep blue), Finn (Olive) and Sierra (Softer grey). Of course they also kept the popular Jake, Jordan, Emmett, Gregory colours as well as now offering the Cruz in Bryce! 

UPPAbaby Cruz V2 2020 coming soon.


They added suspension in the rear wheels (2019 version only had suspension in front wheels), front wheel lock indicators and a non-rethread harness! The well known UPPAbaby pop out canopy shade has been redesigned as well. The Cruz V2 comes with the standard adjustable canopy- as well as a zip out fabric extender and ventilation on both sides to keep your baby covered and comfortable.






With all these new features, you must be wondering if the size and weight of the Cruz has changed! The 2019 Cruz was 21.6lbs, while the Cruz V2 2020 is 25.5lbs. Now let’s talk wheels. The wheels on the 2019 Cruz are slightly smaller than the brand new Cruz V2. The Cruz had 6.4” front wheels and 8.5” rear wheels, while the Cruz V2 has 7” front wheels and 10” rear wheels.  The V2 also has a larger storage basket capacity, now at 30lbs! The toddler seat hasn’t changed too much, as noted above in the comparison chart, there is only a maximum of 2” difference between the 2019 Cruz and the Cruz V2 seat!


The new UPPAbaby Cruz V2 still holds a lot of the same features as the Cruz 2019. There were a few must have features that just had to be built into the 2020 version.. With multiple recline positions, an adjustable footrest for your child as well adjustable handlebar height- this stroller is built for comfort. You’ll be excited to hear that they kept the same easy, compact fold while designing the Cruz V2, because let’s be honest- the fold is my favourite feature and I’m sure you’ll love it too! 

If you loved the 2018 Cruz, we know you’re going to love the new model too. We can’t wait for the Cruz V2 to arrive in our store, with all the beautiful new colours and features- we know this will become another best seller here at Little Canadian, stay tuned for more updates on when the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 arrives! 

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