Top Three Baby Monitors 2020

Deciding what baby monitor to use is a big decision. This camera will be your eyes and ears when you aren’t next to your child and offer a sense of security knowing if your child is upset, you will know right away. Today we will be comparing Little Canadian’s best selling baby monitors, the Owlet Cam Video Baby Monitor, Nanit Camera & Wall Mount Monitor and the Motorola 5” Baby Video Monitor.

The Owlet Cam Video Baby Monitor

Owlet Baby Monitor wall mount imageThis baby monitor is one of Little Canadian’s most popular, equipped with incredible HD quality that can view 130° and is wall mounted above your child’s crib. This monitor has two way audio, night vision and the ability to tell the temperature of your child’s room. To view your child, you connect to the Owlet app on your smart device. My favourite feature of this monitor is the background audio. Background audio is the ability to hear your child through the monitor, even when you aren’t using the app. Similar to a typical baby monitor device, the audio is always playing, even when your phone is locked. This is a great option for parents that don’t want to carry a separate monitor around with them, you can watch from your phone from anywhere!

This camera can connect with the Owlet Smart Sock Monitor, which is a sock that wraps around your child’s foot to monitor their heart rate and oxygen levels. Owlet Sock baby monitor reviewThis sock allows parents to know when something is wrong in real time, this is a great add on for complete confidence in your sleeping baby! You can also purchase the Owlet Smart Sock + Cam Bundle as a complete set, or use the sock without the camera by connecting it to the Owlet App. 

The Nanit Plus Camera and Wall Mount Monitor

Nanit Plus baby monitor review wall mount canada imageThis baby monitor takes first place for having the most added features. When you purchase the Nanit Plus, you receive one free year of Nanit Insights! Nanit Insights includes Night Timelapse that shows parents a highlight reel of the child sleeping the night before, sleep tips and sleep tracking! You’ll be able to find out how the pacifier ended up on the other side of the room and when your child reaches new sleep milestones- all from one camera! This monitor is motion detecting, offers two way audio and can read the room temperature so you never have to wonder if your baby is too hot or too cold. Although the camera quality isn’t as nice as the Owlet, this monitor allows a birds eye view of the entire crib! No more worries about finding the right camera angle, due to it’s unique design this camera offers complete coverage on your sleeping mini me! Nanit Breathing Wear BandAnother great feature is the ability to connect this monitor to the Nanit Breathing Wear Band. This band wrap is used to track your child’s breathing- without the use of a sensor. They are able to track breathing by watching the unique and custom design on the outside of the wrap. This band tracks breathing, monitors irregular breath patterns and alerts you if your baby needs you. You can also purchase the Nanit Complete Baby Monitoring System with all the add ons you need! 

The Motorola 5” Baby Video Monitor with Wifi 

Motorola baby monitorThe Motorola video monitor is a very budget friendly baby monitor without sacrificing all the features we want. Two way audio, night vision, room temperature display and even motion detecting notifications, why pay more if you don’t have to? This camera HD quality ranks number three in our comparison chart being only 720p. You must place this monitor on a surface (table) and angle it towards your child, meaning this camera is not a bird’s eye view. This could be something to consider when purchasing a baby monitor. Is it important to you to be able to see the entire crib? 

However, you can avoid this by adding up to four different cameras to your Motorola monitor! Split screen capabilities come in handy- especially when you want to cover the entire nursery. Place a camera in all four corners of the room for complete camera coverage. This camera can be connected to the dialog colour screen monitor, or to your smartphone via WIFI. Having this connectivity option is a huge advantage in a baby monitor. You can watch your child from the monitor inside your home, or connect to the phone app and view from anywhere you are! Some parents don’t like having to carry the monitor around the house and prefer to use their smartphones. By adding both viewing capabilities, grandparents and caregivers have the ability to watch the monitor while you finally get that night away- but can still check in through the Motorola App whenever you want to. It’s a win-win! 

Check out our comparison chart to see how each monitor differs and decide what monitor is right for you!






2.2”L x 4.1”H x 2.2” W

3.2”H x  3.2”W x 1.5”L

3.68”L x 6.2”H x 0.8” W 

Monitor or App




Camera HD




Angle Lens


Birds eye view of entire crib

Two Way Audio

Night Vision

Room Temperature

Motion Detecting

Special Features

  • Background audio
  • Integrates w/ Owlet Sock (sold seperate)
  • Soft glow night light
  • Background audio
  • Video history, sleep tracking & coaching
  • Multiple viewers
  • Integrates w/ Nanit Breathing Wear Band 
  • Both monitor and phone app connectivity
  • Sound level indicator
  • Add up to 4 cameras

Included in purchase

  • Camera & base
  • Wall mount & cable guards
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable w/ temperature sensor
  • Nanit plus camera
  • Wall mount
  • Motorola camera
  • 5” Dialog colour screen





These three cameras are very similar in terms of features. All three are equipped with two way audio, night vision and room temperature tracking. However, they all have very unique special features or bonus add ons. The Owlet monitor is a standard baby video monitor that can connect the Owlet Sock (purchased separately) to monitor heartbeats and oxygen levels. If you’re looking for a complete birds eye view of the crib, sleep tracking reports and connection capabilities to the Nanit Breathing Band, this Nanit Plus monitor is for you! Although more pricey, the Nanit camera offers the most add on features, like allowing multiple viewers on your Nanit phone app.

The Motorola monitor offers the most bang for your buck! This monitor is the most budget friendly without making any sacrifices. Connectivity to the monitor and smartphone devices, a sound level indicator to let you know when the baby’s room is too loud and ability to add up to four cameras. Unless you’re looking for the ability to monitor heart rate or breathing patterns, the Motorola monitor is a great option for an even better price.

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