Top 6 Sleep Aids For Baby

One of the most important things for you and your new baby is to get a good night's sleep. For most parents it is a struggle to find the right methods to help your baby sleep throughout the night so you can too. 

There are some options to provide comfort to your baby and below we are going to discuss some of the most recommend and best reviewed products to aid in your child's sleep.

Sound machine

White-noise machines create a comfortable, womb-like environment that calms upset infants, helping them to stop crying and fall asleep faster. White-noise machines also help babies stay asleep longer. They block out all other noises while sleeping so it is easier for babies to sleep longer without having any household noises waking them up. This is definitely one of the most popular infant sleep aids and our most popular option for sound machines is the Marpac sound machine. Almost every new parent purchases a sound machine and has nothing but good reviews about them!


A humidifier in your infant’s room helps get moisture back and relieve stuffy noses! The BreatheFrida 3-in-1 Humidifier is the ultimate triple threat, this humidifier also acts as a diffuser and nightlight! Add a few drops of essential oils to naturally soothe and calm your little one and turn on the nightlight for bedtime visibility. The essential oils will provide stress relief and help your baby sleep better and longer. 

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are an essential when it comes to watching over your child when they're sleeping. With modern technology we are given the opportunity to monitor more than just waking up.

The Nanit Monitoring system is a one of the more advanced baby monitor and one that does so much more than your average monitor. It has amazing features like two way audio, sleepwear tracking, humidity and temperature tracking and an easy and helpful phone app.

The Two way audio provides parents with the opportunity to soothe their child by singing lullabies or talking to them without having to be directly in the room. The sleep-wear tracking provides parents with the opportunity to see if their child is sleeping properly or poorly and if they need to include more naps during the day or focus more on helping their child sleep properly. The Nanit tracks temperature and humidity which is essential for your child’s sleep. Adjusting these can greatly improve your babies sleep so tracking them is extremely helpful.

Lastly, the Nanit app provides you with tips and tricks such as when to put them to sleep and how long they should sleep.

Crib Mobile

A calming crib mobile is the perfect way to help soothe your baby when they are trying to sleep. They provide a great distraction that slowly helps your child transition into a peaceful sleep. The music played by musical crib mobiles adds an extra feature that helps distract and soothing children into a nice calming sleep. 


Security blankets

A security blanket provides the child with extra comfort for them to feel safe and cuddle up. In the womb babies self soothe by touching their faces and keeping their arms up. With a security blanket to hold near their face it provides them with soft and tranquilizing comfort which helps them fall asleep feeling cozy and happy.


Pacifiers are soothing for babies anytime of the day as they provide your child with the comfort of that natural sucking motion. The influence of pacifier use on sleep position may contribute to its apparent protective effect against SIDS. Sucking on a pacifier requires forward positioning of the tongue, thus decreasing this risk of oropharyngeal obstruction. These are just big words for choking on their tongues which can happen often when a baby is sleeping. Choking can wake your baby up and if it happens every time they try to sleep, causing them to cry out, then they will not be getting any sleep and neither will you. Having multiples and varieties of pacifiers can greatly benefit their sleep and yours. 

Hopefully some of these products will help your child sleep better and longer throughout the night. We are here to help with all these products on our website! Your Little Canadian baby experts are always here to help you and answer any questions over the phone, email or at your local Little Canadian baby Store.