Top 3 Compact City Strollers: Our Staff Picks

Living in the city is amazing, everything is always close by and accessible But taking your baby in and out of the car to just drive to a place withing walking distance is a hassle. If everything is close by you will probably need a nice city stroller to provide yourself with an ease of strolling. 

What is a city stroller? 

A city stroller is a lightweight compact stroller that provides you with easy accessibility of taking it in and out of an Uber or taxi. They are also great strollers for busy crowded streets or shopping malls and stores to maneuver through crowds easily without hassle. 

Our Little Canadian staff have picked the top 3 city strollers to discuss in this blog. Below we will talk about the Uppababy Minu, if you know Uppababy you will know how easy to use this stroller is. We will also be talking about Cybex Mios which is that beautifully designed and physically appealing stroller built with safety in mind. The third stroller we will talk about is the Thule Spring which is an amazing 3 wheeled stroller that is easy to maneuver and the easiest to fold.

First, here is a chart to give you a nice visual on the similarities and differences of these three strollers. 

Cybex Mios

Uppababy Minu

Thule Spring

Weight of Stroller








Compatible with Infant Car Seat


Age Range


3 months-50lbs


Parent Facing



Wheel Suspension

Extendable canopy


One Step Fold

Reclinable Seat

# of wheels




Adjustable handlebar


Free standing folded

All of these strollers would be amazing for your average city stroll. Aside from the way they look, all three have plenty of differences to fit each and every family. 

The Uppababy Minu is very versatile and can be used as a travel stroller as it does fold small enough to fit into an overhead bin. The Uppababy Minu has an option to purchase an Uppababy Minu From Birth Kit which provides parents with the option of making their city stroller into a bassinet. The Minu would be a perfect city stroller for parents who want to use it for travelling or for parents who know and love the ease of the Uppababy brand.


The Cybex Mios is a beautifully designed stroller to be appealing to the eyes as well as functional for everyday city strolling! It has an amazing feature of being newborn ready and the ability to be parent facing so you can watch your newborn baby as you walk. The Cybex Mios is perfect for parents looking for a stroller they can use with their newborn baby or a stroller that looks beautiful but also has the ability of functionality. Best of both worlds!

The Thule Spring is a nice, sleek looking four wheeled stroller that has easy maneuverability and a super easy one handed, one step fold. It is the heaviest stroller out of the three but holds up to 64 lbs which gives you a longer life from the stroller. It is a great option for parents who are looking for a stroller which will hold their child longer or parents who want a nice sleek three wheeled stroller and made by thule which is a well known sports equipment brand. 

All three of these strollers are super functional, physically appealing and easy to use but whatever your decision, Little Canadian staff is here to help you make it. You can contact us through email, phone or online. Or come into your local Little Canadian anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.