The UPPAbaby Vista vs. Cruz: Which One is Right for You?

    UPPAbaby is an extremely popular stroller brand on the market right now - and with good reason. With their sleek designs and extreme ease of use, there’s a reason they’ve built a solid name in the last few years. UPPAbaby is an American company developed by parents who know the struggle of strollers and want them to be as easy as possible, but also stylish. They have two main strollers that we’ll be comparing - the Vista and the Cruz.


The Vista is a great stroller if you’re looking to expand your family in the future, having twins, or prefer larger strollers that do well in various terrain. It has a one-step fold design and large wheels that are great for the Canadian winters. The Vista also has the option to go tandem (one seat above and one below; rather than side-to-side double stroller) meaning you can make room for another child to create a double stroller. Great for twins or children close in age, you can add on the extra  rumble seat if needed. Look at the image below for multiple ways the UPPAbaby Vista can serve as a double stroller.

Have a third child? No problem! You can also purchase the Vista riding board for your child to ride-along in the back. Isn’t it nice to know you can have all your children all in the same place at once? Not only that, it has a one-step super easy compact fold that can self-stand, so there’s no hassle when you’re going on with your busy life.



    Another plus for this stroller is that it comes with a bassinet, meaning it’s newborn ready! Not only that, the bassinet is certified for overnight sleeping in Canada, meaning you can use it for your baby until they’re 20 lbs or can use their hands to push themselves up (and that means you don’t need to buy a separate bassinet for home!)

    Aren’t feeling the need for a bassinet or live in the city and want something a bit smaller? Then the UPPAbaby Cruz might just be what you’re looking for. 


    The Cruz is lighter and smaller than the Vista, which is great if you’re constantly on the go or don’t care to deal with a heavier stroller all the time (who really wants to be lifting a heavy stroller after giving birth?). The tires are a bit smaller but still do well in various terrain, and it still has that super easy, one-step compact fold that parents love. Not only that, it’s a self-standing fold which is great for storing in the home. Have a toddler and a newborn? Again, no problem! The Cruz now has a ride-along board for the back that your toddler can ride on. The Cruz is not newborn ready, however you can purchase the UPPAbaby infant insert, or use the car seat. 


uppababy cruz stroller

    Both the UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista are compatible with several car seats, however the UPPAbaby MESA has the best adaptability. Without the use of adapters, the MESA simply locks in place on the stroller. And to lift it off? Forget the hassle of going on both sides of the car seat to unlock it. With the simple push of a button on top of the car seat handle, the MESA pops off just like that. It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

uppababy stroller with uppababy mesa creating a travel system

Specifications of VISTA vs. CRUZ





25.5 lbs

22 lbs


Newborn ready with bassinet or car seat, up to 50 lbs.

Newborn ready with infant insert or car seat, up to 50 lbs.


Holds up to 30lbs

Holds up to 25lbs


25” wide

22.5” wide

Adapts to Fit

3 children

2 children

What’s Included

Bassinet with Bug Shield and Storage Bag, Toddler Seat with Bug and Rain shield, Frame, Basket, Wheels, Toddler Seat and Canopy, Bumper Bar

Frame, Basket, & Wheels, Toddler Seat & Canopy, Bumper Bar, Toddler Seat Rain Shield, Toddler Seat Bug Shield

    Still feeling unsure about which UPPAbaby stroller is right for you and your family? What better way to know for sure what stroller you want than coming in store and seeing it yourself? Visit us today at our retail location in Mississauga and ask an associate to show you all the UPPAbaby strollers have to offer you.