Baby & Toddler Road Trip Essentials

With the summer upon us, and many places starting to open up, it is the perfect time to plan a road trip. When it comes to trips where the little ones are in the car for too long they tend to get fussy and the scenery is the least of their interests. It’s for this reason that we make a guide to ensure you have everything you need to avoid a hectic trip. 

Let’s look at some aspects to think about when planning and packing for the trip:

1. Comfort - Sun Shades  

Diono Sun stoppers

The sun is bound to be an issue especially if the child can't even move away from it, so investing in a sunshade to attach to the window is the perfect tool to keep the little ones cool and comfortable, while still allowing them to see outside.





2. Car Organization 

Diono - Stow 'n Go

When in the car, it can be hard to find anything really, so having a car organizer will help find things quickly when you need them. A great option is the Diono - Stow 'n Go, which has many different slots and is completely washable for easy use. 




3. Food containers

Putting snacks in easy-to-use and spill-proof containers is a great way to keep your children full without the mess of eating in cars. A fan favorite is the Boon snug snack cup that comes with a silicone lid that is spill proof but features a slit big enough for their tiny hands. 



4. Toys for the Car Ride 

Sitting in the car for long periods of time can get boring and tiring for both adults and children, in this case, it’s best to entertain them with toys or games to play to keep them occupied. A good option for toys that keep them busy is Janod. Some great options from Janod are the Sound Telephone Toy, which makes sounds depending on the button pressed, or their Magnetibooks where the child can stick the given magnets inside the book to create their own stories. 



  Janod Sound telephone toy



Road trips with small children can always be tough but, we hope that with this list of things you may not have thought about, your trip goes a little more smoothly than originally anticipated.