Mountain Buggy Nano V2 vs Nano V3 Travel Stroller Review

Introducing the recently redesigned Mountain Buggy Nano V3! We know you loved the 2019 Mountain Buggy Nano V2- I mean how could you not love a lightweight travel stroller at a reasonable price? The Nano line makes life easy for parents. Strolling through an amusement park, an airport or even just a busy shop? This stroller has an amazingly effortless push, easy fold and even comes with a universal car seat adapter. Yes, you read that right. Most strollers require you to purchase adapters separately, and range from $50-$80, you score a free one with your Nano!

Mountain Buggy Nano V3 review


Now let’s talk about specifics. The Nano V3 2020 has been slightly upgraded from the older  Mountain Buggy Nano V2 2019 model. The biggest upgrade being that the Nano V3 is now newborn ready! The new strap recline lays fully flat for your brand new baby, whereas the 2019 nano could only be used for six months+, talk about upgrade! 

With more of a comfortable recline, you can keep on schedule with nap times, without having to change your plans. Perfect for sleeping newborns or snoozing toddlers! 


Of course, with each new stroller redesign comes a new colour palette.

The 2019 Nano V2 is offered in black, red, blue and a special edition “Year of the pig” colour at our Little Canadian baby store. However, the new Nano V3 has a whole new palette that we can’t get enough of. This new bright yellow canopy shouts sunshine and happiness, perfect for a travel stroller. Not to mention how easy this stroller is to spot in a crowd! You can also purchase a beautiful teal, black or grey canopy. 















The Mountain Buggy Nano V2 was already one of the best travel strollers on the market, so we know there might be some concern with the new changes. Rest assured, the stroller we know and love still has all of the features we can’t live without! The same lightweight stroller weighing just 13lbs, with a seat weight capacity of 44lbs! The Nano is small but mighty.

I had to make a point of showing you the included travel bag you get with your purchase. Safe, secure, compact travelling. Worry less about how your stroller will survive the trip, and more about spending time with the ones that matter most. We love the Mountain Buggy travel bag!Mountain Buggy Nano travel bag 

The Mountain Buggy Nano V3 has the same easy two-step fold we love, just check out how small and compact that fold is! Mountain Buggy Nano compact foldThe Nano V3 includes the same universal adapter, travel bag and shoulder strap for easy, effortless travel.




The redesigned Nano V3 kept the same compact stroller size, fitting into most overhead airline compartments.


Mountain Buggy Nano 2019

Mountain Buggy Nano 2020

Weight of stroller



Weight capacity



Folded dimensions with seat

12L" x 22W" x 20H" 

21.5”L, 19.5”W, 9.6”H

Unfolded dimension

38.5”L x 22”W x 40”H 

31.5”L, 21.26”W, 41.34”H

Wheel size

Front: 6”

Back: 6”

Front: 6”

Back: 6”


2 steps

2 steps

Can fit into most overhead airplane compartments


Multi position strap recline. Does not go fully flat

Multi position strap recline- goes fully flat! 


Universal car seat adapter, Travel bag for stroller shoulder strap. 

Universal car seat adapter, Travel bag for stroller shoulder strap. 


Mountain Buggy V2

Mountain Buggy V3

Whether you’re looking for the Mountain Buggy V2 or V3, both are amazing options for a travel stroller. If you’re looking for a newborn option, you could go with the Nano V3. If your mini me is already six months or older, you could go with the Nano V2 option. Same design, same features, new recline and colour options for the Mountain Buggy price we love.

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