Micro Scooters: Why We Love Them!!

Micro scooters are a fast growing popularity among young children. With their swiss design, they are manufactured with high quality aluminum which makes them lightweight and durable toys, perfect for your little one.

These scooters are so lightweight and some are foldable  it makes them extremely easy to travel with and can be taken everywhere you go.

What separates Micro scooters from any other scooter on the market is the availability of spare parts. The company makes spare parts for every single part on your micro scooter which gives you a lifetime purchase. They also provide you with a two year warranty that is super easy to sign up for because it’s automatic upon purchase and no extra registration is needed. 

What also sets these scooters apart from other ones on the market is that they are designed as a lean to steer kickboard scooter. This means it is easier to maneuver for your child which allows them to be used for younger ages. 

Speaking of scooters for younger children, Micro scooter has also designed their handlebars to be made out of non-poisonous components which means if there is any mouth to handle bar contact , there are no threats on your child. You can have the piece of mind knowing that this is a perfectly safe toy for your child. 

Micro scooters make a lot of different designs of scooters ranging from ages 3 all the way to adults. There are big differences between these models. The major models of micro scooters are the Mini and Maxi. The mini scooters are designed more for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old where the maxi scooter is designed for children between 5 and 12 years old. 

The awesome bonus about the Micro scooter design is they make Micro deluxe scooters which means that the deluxe scooters have extendable handle bars. For example, with the mini micro deluxe vs the regular mini micro. The mini micro deluxe will be better to adjust between those ages of 2 and 6 and the handlebar can grow with your child. This is a great benefit because at this stage, every child is growing at a different rate. 

Starting at 1 years old your child may not be interested in using scooters but having the availability of pushing around your child and using the same scooter for later on is an amazing option that Micro scooters provides with their Micro mini 2go deluxe plus kickboard and the mini micro 3-in-1 deluxe kickboard. These two are very similar as they carry from ages 1 to 6 years and they both have a ride along option but the 2go scooter has a removable storage compartment and has a push bar for parents to push them along. 

The Micro scooters are always getting compared to other scooters on the market such as the Micro sprite scooter vs the razor scooters, but the biggest and best differences is that the micro scooters have adjustable handle bars and grows with your child to fit most children at any heights which means they are very versatile. Also, most of the models of Micro scooters are foldable which makes them very easy for travel and storage. 

Overall, Micro scooters is a trusted and good quality brand that has won many awards for their amazing products and are very popular and loved by the younger generation. These scooters make amazing gifts for little ones and are very customizable as they are manufactured in many colours and sizes. They are easy to use with their lean to steer design and their large footboard.

 Whatever type of scooter you are looking for, you can find a variety of them on our website. If you have any questions about any products found on our website you can contact our Little Canadian baby experts through phone, email or visit your local Little Canadian!