Little Canadian Reviews: Uppababy Vista V2 vs Cruz V2

Can’t tell the difference between the Uppababy Cruz V2 and the Vista V2? You’re not alone, it is difficult as Uppababy has used a similar amazing design for both of them so here is a bit of information comparing the two strollers to help you better understand the difference. 

Shown here is a comparison chart of the two of these

Vista V2

Cruz V2

5 point no rethread Harness

Seat Dimensions

Seat Height: 20 Inches 

Leg Rest Length: 11 Inches

Footrest Depth: 2.5 Inches

Seat Height: 20 Inches 

Leg Rest Length: 11 Inches

Footrest Depth: 2.5 Inches

3 Months-50lbs 

Visual Indicator Front Wheel Lock


What is Included?

Bassinet, Seat, Frame, Wheels

Seat, Frame, Wheels

Stroller Weight




Double stroller

Single stroller

30 lb basket weight capacity

 When deciding on a stroller there are so many options to choose from such as brand, size, style, colour etc. A huge deciding factor for parents is whether they need a single stroller or whether in the present or future will need the option of a double stroller.

The Vista V2 can be used as a double or a single stroller so this model would be for parents who believe they are going to need to have the option of expanding their stroller  in the near future.

It also works nicely for parents who think they might only need it as a single stroller but they would like that added bassinet and extra features that the vista provides such as bigger wheels and bigger basket. 

The Cruz V2 is a great lightweight option as it is 3 lbs lighter than the Vista. It is only a single stroller and ideal for parents who will only be using it for one child.

Although, Just like the vista, it does have that nice option of adding the piggyback board to the stroller to accommodate a second child. The Cruz V2 folds smaller than the Vista V2 stroller as it does have a smaller frame and wheels. This is especially Ideal for parents who have a smaller car and are concerned about how well the stroller will fit in their truck. 

Uppababy makes their strollers with amazon designs! Both of these strollers are one step folds which makes it easy to use and hassle free for all parents. The V2 models have updated canopies that are now extended by an extra unzip sleeve that provides the extra sun protection and more ventilation for your little one! Uppababy improved the suspension system adding an extra bit of dual action suspension to give your baby the smoothest ride possible.

The compatibility of Uppababy with all its products is amazing and gives parents an easy use of their stroller. An easy worry free stroller means happy parents and Uppababy provides that experience. 

Whether you’re looking for the Uppababy Cruz V2 or the Uppababy Vista V2, Little Canadian staff are here to help you and answer any questions. Call the store or come in and see us at your local Little Canadian store.