Little Canadian Reviews: Peg-perego Prima Pappa Zero3 vs Siesta Highchair

Peg-perego is an amazing worldwide company who have been making baby products since 1949. As a family oriented company they focus mainly on designing products that best meet the needs of every family. 

One of their amazing designs are their highchairs. Specifically their Prima Pappa Zero 3 and the Siesta which come in a variety of amazing colours. 

The chart below shows the similarities and differences of the two. 


Prima Pappa Zero 3






Starting From $299.99


Folded: 31.8cm x 88.9cm

Unfolded: 75.6cm x 60.3cm x 104.8cm

Folded: 30cm x 95.5cm

Unfolded: 75.5cm x 55cm x 104.5cm

Age restrictions




5-point safety harness

5 point safety harness


Removable, Dishwasher safe and foldable with highchair

Removable, Dishwasher safe and foldable with highchair


Storage pocket behind chair seat

No storage

Adjustable Height

9 different height positions

7 different height positions


5 position recline for infant to toddler

5 position recline for infant to toddler


Stop and go locking mechanism with easy accessible locks on the side

Rear wheel locking mechanism


Thicker, studier frame

Thinner frame


3 position footrest

3 position footrest


Non-scratching rubber wheels

Non-scratching rubber wheels


Easy wipe clean

Easy wipe clean

So how do they compare? 

The two highchairs have very similar aspects but the Siesta highchair just has a bit more added features. 

            Prima Pappa Zero 3                                      Siesta

The Siesta has a nice and handy storage compartment in the back of the high chair where you can put feeding supplies, toys, pacifiers or whatever you want. The Prima pappa doesn’t have any added features like storage compartments. 

The frame of the Prima Pappa is a lot less sturdy than the Siesta as the Siesta was made so it would be thicker and more durable. Because of this, the Siesta is almost 8lbs heavier than the Prima Pappa. 

Another difference to keep in mind is that the Siesta has the extra 2 height adjustments than the Prima Pappa although they are both around the same height when fully extended. 

The biggest difference would be the locking mechanism on the wheels. On the Prima Pappa the locking mechanism is on the rear wheels which means you may have to bend down and lock them with your hands where this could cause bacteria and dirt to be on your hands. The solution to this was built into the Siesta highchair, as it has a stop and go locking mechanism and arm's reach up near the seat to make it an easier and more convenient locking mechanism. 

What is best for me? 

If you are looking for a sturdier and a convenient locking and storage option than the Siesta high chair would be the better option for you. If you are looking more towards a lighter, easier to travel with high chair than the Prima Pappa zero 3 would be the high chair for you. 

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