Little Canadian Reviews: Cybex Priam vs Cybex Gazelle S

Cybex constantly impresses parents by releasing stunning and very practical strollers. Their Cybex Priam is one of their very popular single strollers and has been impressing parents with every new release. Cybex has seen the need for a double stroller and worked towards releasing an amazing double stroller for parents and it is finally here! They have released the Cybex Gazelle S double stroller which is an amazing and very functional option for parents with growing families. 

Here is an excellent chart showing the differences between the Cybex Priam and the Cybex Gazelle S. 

Cybex Priam

Cybex Gazelle S

Size of stroller



Weight of stroller



Weight limit of seat

Newborn to 55lbs

Newborn to 48.5lbs

Basket weight limit



Removable basket: 22llbs

Extendable Canopy

Seat Adjustability

2 Position recline

1 Position height

3 Position recline

3 Position height

Dimensions Unfolded (LxWxH)

92.5cm x 60cm x 107cm

88cm x 58cm x 114cm

What is included with purchase

Rain cover, Cup holder, Car seat adapter

Rain cover, Cup holder, car seat adapter, removable shopping basket

Available Colors

Frame: Rose gold, Matt black, Chrome with black, Chrome with brown

Seat colors: Deep black, Soho grey, Mountain Blue

Soho Grey, Classic Beige, Deep Black, Navy Blue


$1399.95 to $1479.95


Cybex made the Gazelle S and it has a lot of comparable features to the Priam. The frame between these two strollers is very different as you can see but the seats are very similar. They both are newborn ready and hold up to relatively the same weight. For the Cybex Gazelle S there is an option for an additional of a second seat and both seats can hold up to 48.5lbs. This is a great option for parents expecting twins because most double strollers have different weight limitations for both seats and one is smaller. 

A very neat feature of the new Cybex Gazelle S is the removable shopping basket. While the Priam does not have this option, the Cybex gazelle offers that storage space for parents who need just a little extra. The Cybex Gazelle S has built in adapters so the need to purchase extra upper adapters or lower adapters is not needed. It also helps prevent losing the extra adapters which is very common for most busy parents.

The Cybex Gazelle S does not have as many frame options as the Cybex Priam because it was not manufactured with those extra features which reflects in the pricing between these two strollers. Although it does not have as many luxury options it is still a very luxurious stroller. 

Both the strollers come with extra accessories such as a rain shield and cup holder but the biggest difference is the extra removable storage basket which is such an amazing feature that is very unique to a select few strollers. The Cybex Gazelle S keeps coming with amazing features and another one is the kickboard, they have made a Gazelle S kid board which offers a ride on extra extension on the stroller to potentially make it into a triple stroller.

It is amazing that Cybex has released the Gazelle which gives parents the opportunity to purchase a beautiful double stroller that will fit their growing family, with amazing features that you won’t find anywhere else.

At Little Canadian we would love to help you find the difference between these two and show you how amazing Cybex strollers are. Come in to your local little Canadian and our baby experts will show you these amazing strollers and many more.