Little Canadian Reviews Britax Marathon vs. Britax Boulevard

Britax is an innovative brand that has been designing car seats for over 70 years, recognized for their constant evolution of easy to install car seats making the process easier for parents. The 2 most popular car seats from Britax are, the Britax Marathon Clicktight and the Britax Boulevard Clicktight.

Let's take a look and see what is the difference so you can me most informed for choosing the right option for your child.

The Britax Marathon and Britax Boulevard are both amazing infant/child car seats that exceed the minimum safety standards for Canada.

See chart below for a quick overview of the similarities and differences.

Britax Marathon

Britax Boulevard









Layers of Side Impact Head Protection



Full Body Protection



Safe Cell

Yes in base and hugs

Yes in base and extra energy dispersing safe cells in hugs




Steel Frame



Harness and Headrest

14 Positions

14 Positions

With improved hugs on harness


7 Positions

7 Positions

Extra feature




10 years

10 years



Vue               Verve




Spark           Circa





ClickTight Installation

Britax has developed an amazing way to take the difficulty out of car seat installation with their innovative ClickTight technology. With an easy 3 step process (open, thread and buckle, then click it closed) any parent can install the seat with confidence. 


Easy-read level indicators and quick push 7-position recline is incorporated to help you find the perfect angle for your vehicle and your child’s comfort.

Head and neck protection

These Britax car seats come with a 14 position no rethread harness and headrest which has quick, easy and one handed adjustability. The major benefit of having a no rethread harness is the convenience of not having to remove the car seat cover to adjust the harness as you child grows. A fully extendable headrest reaching 76.83cm grows with your child to ensure safety at all heights. 


Body protection

Britax has included full body protection on both car seats surrounding the head, neck and torso. The steel frame and crumple zone technology is part of their amazing safe cell technology which helps absorb energy in the event of a crash keeping your child from feeling the full impact of the crash. In the forward facing position, Britax has included a V-shaped tether which slows forward movement in case of an accident. 


Additional Features 

Britax has a 10 Year expiry on both car seats which means your car seat can be used to the maximum requirements.

On both seats there is a 5lb to 65lb limit. 5lbs to 40lbs can be used in the rear facing position and 22lbs to 65 lbs can be used for the forward facing position.

An anti-rebound bar is included with both seats which can add that extra protection when the seat is in a rear facing position.

Britax car seats are made with plush foam for incredible child comfort. They are constructed with premium fabrics that are easily removable and washable. This is another added feature that makes Britax so unique. The upgrade to the Britax boulevard includes its beautiful fabric which is softer to the touch and nicer design options. 

A cool feature on these car seats is the Flip Forward Buckle which helps keep buckles from getting in the way when putting a child in their seat. This just adds more ease for the job of the parent and is super helpful so you’re not constantly reaching around your child to find the harness. 

So what are the similarities and differences? 

The Marathon and Boulevard do have some minor differences between the two of them. The biggest difference that parents decide between are the layers of head impact, the Britax Boulevard has an extra level of protection inside the head rest whereas the Britax marathon only contains that one level of protection on the outer shell.

The second is pricing because there is a $50 difference between the Boulevard and the Marathon which can be a deciding factor for some budget friendly families.

Another difference is the fabric because both models come in two different designs. The main difference between these two is the aesthetics as the boulevard has that classy new 'Spark' design that catches the eye of everyone. The material of the Britax Boulevard vs the Britax Marathon is softer to the touch as previously mentioned above.

The decision between these car seats is more of a personal one as they both contain the amazing safety and addition features such as adjustability of the harness and headrest and the number of recline positions. Check out both these amazing car seat options on our website.

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