Little Canadian Must Haves for Your Baby Registry

Baby registries may seem like a headache but here at Little Canadian we try to make it a fun experience with lots of benefits and perks! Our baby registry offers parents the opportunity to benefit even after the registry is over! 

In this post today we are going to be talking about baby registry must-haves! There are many baby products parents don’t think about adding to their registry and we are here to remind you of all the awesome products to include!  

To start, your nursery decorations and furniture accessories are a must! Items like, Changing pad, change pad covers, crib sheets, baby blankets, the crib mattress and so much more! Also, don't forget to add in some small accessories such as wall decals, crib mobile, and stuffies! These are awesome items to add to your registry because everyone appreciates a matching nursery and this way you’re guaranteed to have a nice appealing nursery with everyone having a guide to your colors. 

Another essential to remember is everything stroller/outdoors related! This includes your stroller! Adding your stroller to your registry gives people the opportunity to get you those more expensive items or even split the cost on something that may be a bit more expensive. Also adding your car seat provides the same opportunity for people and this way everyone will know when you have already received these items! Smaller things for outings such as a car sunshade, diaper bag, backseat mirror, stroller fan, baby carrier and lots more are a great idea for your baby registry!  Many people love to buy useful items for the mother-to-be and items like these are essential for those long walks and car rides!

Moving on to the fun part of the registry, picking out all the amazing things for your baby! Must haves for your little one includes: swaddles, scratch mittens, pacifiers, footies, and teethers. Buying items for the mother-to-be is one of the most exciting parts of your family or friends having a baby. The cute items like these that they can see them wearing later is going to be one of your most gifted items so giving a lot of selection and personalizing what you like best is most ideal for these items!

Bottles and other feeding products are a must when it comes to your registry. Most parents don’t realize how much these items add up in cost and the registry helps you cover these smaller costs! Babies have very specific tastes when it comes to the style of feeding products so having multiple different bottle sets added onto your registry is definitely beneficial. 

Whether you're using your registry for a big baby shower or just for immediate family it is always a good idea to give your family and friends a list of items you want for your baby. The biggest benefit to including all these essentials onto your registry is the ability to control what gifts you receive as well as recieving items you will need and use for your new baby. All the benefits you get after your registry closes with us helps you get all of the items you wished to have and more! You can check out all the benefits here


Happy registering! Be sure to check our wide selection of products to add to your baby registry!