Dressing Your Baby During The Winter Months

Unfortunately if you live in a place like Canada you have winter weather for almost 6 months of the year. Some love the Winter, while others dread the cold weather with a passion. Nonetheless these tips and tricks will keep your baby warm and comfortable in the cold winter months.

In the car 

It gets hard to know how to dress your baby especially when you will be going in and out of the house or car. But still with the quick temperature change it's important to keep the baby warm. A great way to keep your baby while going to the car is to dress them in multiple layers that are lighter and can be taken off or added easily. For on the way into the car or into a store a great way to keep them warm is a blanket that goes over the buckled in baby. Then once inside or the car is warmed up you can easily remove the blanket to prevent overheating. It is not recommended and deemed unsafe to have a bulky jacket or coat on the child. This is because it prevents the car seat from properly securing the child into the car seat. Refer to this video about more car seat safety.

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In the house 

Some people want to bundle up their little ones even while they are inside. This isn't ideal as if your house has the heat on and the temperature is regulated it most likely us already a comfortable temperature. Therefore dressing them warmly inside might cause the little one to overheat, the rule of thumb is to add one extra lawyer to your little one then what you have on. So if inside you're okay with a t-shirt add a long sleeve to the baby. Then from there you can see if they look comfortable and judge from there. One important thing to know is overheating a baby is especially dangerous when they are sleeping. Over heating might cause SIDS, so make sure that heavy blankets are avoided and a sleeper or swaddle is used instead. 

Kyte baby is an awesome brand for indoor light layers. Seep sacks are great for sleeping babies.

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In the stroller 

  • When going on walk in the cold and the baby is newborn less than 3 weeks or was premature it's always best to consult with a doctor first 
  • One more layer then you rule 
  • Heat release points are head and feet, important to keep those warm to prevent body heat from releasing quickly

This is a great carseat cover perfect for the littles ones while you go for a stroll.

In the snow 

  • Older babies and toddlers love to go outside and lay in the snow. If it's with you or at day care of of the most important things is to keep them dry 
  • Waterproof snow pants, jacked, mittens, hat and boots
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Overall the rule of thumb is since they can't tell you if they are uncomfortable to look out for those warning signs of discomfort. 

 These include reddening of skin, sweat cold or hot neck, rapid breathing 

A great way to double check is to take their external temperature. 

Be sure to know the signs and follow the rule of thumb to dress them similar to what you are wearing and add a lawyer.