Double Strollers: Front and Back VS Side by Side

Buying a stroller is a big costly choice that takes lots of thought and research. It is hard enough to decide with one child in mind but add in a second child it can get even more confusing. When thinking about buying a double stroller there are 2 main models to look at  Side By Side and  Front And Back double strollers.

Side by Side Front and Back

Both kinds of double strollers are great if you have 2 children still needing the stroller but both have their pros and cons. The decision really just depends on your individual needs, wants and lifestyle. A parent of twins would need a double stroller right in the beginning vs a new parent might be thinking ahead to when they have another baby. Another situation would be where a parent is having another baby and needs a double stroller.


The size and dimensions of a stroller are very important when thinking about storing the stroller, your trunk size, how easy it is to get around and how much space your children have while riding.

Most side by side doubles are wider than single stroller and front and back doubles. This is because it needs the extra space to put both children side by side. Though it is wider, all strollers are small enough to fit into a standard wheelchair accessible door so getting around while out and about should not be too much more difficult. The wider frame and base also means a bigger under storage compartment which comes in handy with double the passengers.

For front and back double strollers they are usually the same width as a single stroller but the frame is longer to compensate for the weight and space for two children. This means that getting into any door shouldn't be any problem at all. Most strollers this style have the same or slightly more storage then a single stroller but, depending on the position of the second seat it eliminates some of the storage space.


Though many see the wider frame of a Side By Side stroller as a negative it makes steering and navigating much easier because of the distributed weight. Additionally, the even weight distribution allows for it to be much easier to get over curbs and bumps. This gets tricky if you have two children of different weights or ages side by side. This might make the stroller unbalanced and harder to control.

The front and back stroller with the thin and long frame makes it harder to navigate and steer. This is because all of the weight is centralized to the middle, making turns to be tricky and getting over curbs even trickier with two children.

The fold

Side by Side            

Side by Side 

Front and Back

Most double Side by Sides has a nice even compact fold similar to a single stroller just wider. This makes it smaller to store in your home and car.

As shown above you can see how bulky a Front and Back stroller can get when folded with the seats on. It is bulky and hard to pick up. To get the ideal fold it’s recommended to remove both seats meaning an extra step when opening and closing the stroller. Though this might be a plus for the first months if one or both of the children were in an infant car seat.

Visibility of children

When taking care of a baby newborn right into toddler years one of the most important things for a parent is easy access to their baby and viewing of the child. That is the great thing with double Side by Side strollers, as they allow both children to be beside each other. This makes it easy to attend and soothe both babies. Some newer strollers like the Mountain Buggy duet even allow for one child to face out and the other child faces you based on preference. 

Visibility and ease of soothing are where the Front and Back design has flaws. With a Front and Back stroller, one child will always be further and blocked by the other child. Meaning that to soothe and give attention to you would have to walk around and give your attention to that child thus leaving the other child alone. With this type of design, it makes it almost impossible to tend to both children at once. This can be a major downside especially with two young kids or twins where it is super important developmentally to give both children equal amounts of attention and comfort. 


There are so many different brands and slight differences between each stroller that making a generalized choice of a Side by Side double or a Front and Back double seems impossible. Many parents even choose to have both, especially with twins.

 The Side by Side is great for walking, outdoors, and trips to the park where the front and back is great for smaller places. Choosing a Side by Side is great for parents of twins who need that constant attention to two newborns. Those not worried about the wider frame and have children of similar ages that would be ideal.

While a Front and Back stroller are great for those in the city and tight spaces. Great for a growing family and those who know they will expand later with that removable second seat. Both work great for different reasons and ultimately is up to your preferences and needs as a parent. This Pros and Cons list should help you out a bit.

Side by Side Double Stroller



  • Weight is distributed evenly allowing for easy movement over curbs and bumps.
  • Both children being side by side makes it easy to soothe/interact with both children equally.
  • Both children are side by side allowing children to interact with each other.
  • Both children have open unlimited leg space.
  • A more compact fold 
  • Not all strollers have adjustable seats meaning that they both have to face the same way 
  • Not all side by side strollers allow for two infant strollers 
  • Usually a little wider than a single stroller 
  • Having both little ones so close might cause arguing/fighting

Front and Back Double Stroller 



  • Great for a growing family( can be used as single or double)
  • The less wide base makes it easier to move around stores.
  • Children are not very close to each other which means less arguing/fighting.
  • Can attach two infant seats in most cases with adapters.
  • As narrow as a single stroller 
  • Harder to get over curbs and bumps due to isolated weight distribution 
  • Longer might be harder to navigate
  • Less compact fold(usually have to remove seats for ideal fold)
  • One child has less attention/harder to soothe
  • In most cases, the front seat has a lesser weight capacity.
  • In some cases hard to turn as the stroller is longer
  • The additional second seat in most cases are sold separately at a cost  
  • Adding extra seat takes away undercarriage  storage