Diono 3R vs 3RX vs 3RXT: Which one is for me?

If you’re looking for a convertible car seat for your adorable new baby and don’t want to purchase multiple seats, Diono car seats have always been a parent's favourite, and a leading car seat in the Canadian market. They offer a wide range of convertible car seats and boosters to fit your lifestyle and your budget! In this blog we are going to be discussing the differences from three of Little Canadian’s best selling seats- the Diono Radian 3R, 3RX and 3RXT. 






Diono Raidan 3R, 3RX, 3RXT. Comparison review
One great thing about purchasing a Diono convertible car seat is that will last from birth to booster! Meaning this seat should be the only one you will ever need to buy. How great is that? You get to avoid buying multiple seats
which can really add up in price- and the seats will also last you years! 



Check out the Diono comparison chart below to see what features each seat has!



Diono 3R

Diono 3RX

Diono 3RXT

Car seat type




Newborn ready

Rear facing capacity




Forward facing capacity




Booster capacity




Machine wash fabric

Steel frame

Fits 3 across

Folds for storage

Low seat for easy boarding

Infant insert 


Super Side Impact

Adjustable headrest


Radian 3R

Radian 3RX

Radian 3RXT


These great convertible car seats have so much in common! All three seats  have a fabulous machine wash fabric for those ice cream drips, cracker crumbs and milk spills! You are going to be so relieved when you can throw the fabric right into the wash. 


As previously mentioned, Diono car seats are designed to fit your lifestyle. With the Radian’s ability to fit three seats side by side in most cars, or leaving plenty of room for other passengers,  this makes traveling easy and comfortable. Another traveling bonus would be the foldability of the Radian seats! Easily folded for storage, with an available carry strap for traveling car to car or even throughout the airport. Radian car seats are designed to make life easy.

Diono Radian 3 across, Mississauga baby store review

The Radian car seats are worth the weight! Engineered with a steel frame for safety that you can feel. Parents also love the easy installation of these seats, with the Diono SuperLATCH system. Not to mention the comfortable memory foam seat and stylish colour options!


Although the three seats have many similarities, they also differ with included accessories and weight capacities. The Radian 3R doesn’t come with any added accessories, you can see in the comparison chart that the 3RX and 3RXT both come with an infant insert and cup holder.  The 3RX and 3RXT differ because the Radian 3RXT comes with an adjustable headrest to grow with your child, and added side impact protection. Finally, they all differ in rear facing weight capacities. The 3R has the lowest rear facing weight capacity at 40lbs (keeping in mind, this is still higher than most infant car seat capacities- which average around 35lbs) the 3RX at 45lbs and 3RXT at 50lbs. When the seat is in booster mode, the maximum weight capacity for the Radian 3R is 100lbs, where as the 3RX and 3RXT both go until 120lbs. 


Easy installation, bonus safety features, amazing travel bonuses. What more do you need? Any of the Radian seats would make a great addition to your family. When deciding which seat is for you, consider the physical differences (whether you need the added accessories) or want the longevity of the higher end models. Either way, any of the three seats compared today would be an amazing seat for your baby. With all the same great features, not to mention the amazing low profile seats that make life easier for your child to climb in and out of the car. 


Come in to our baby store and have one of our very knowledgeable sales staff talk to you about all of Diono’s great features on one of our floor models today! Find out info for our Mississauga location here .