Convertible Car Seats: Are they right for me?

Convertible car seats are a great choice for parents looking for a more affordable option- I mean we all are, right? They grow with your child through the rear facing, forward facing, and sometimes even turn into a booster seat, such as the Maxi Cosi Pria 3 in 1. These seats are built to last until your child no longer needs it! Sounds too good to be true- right? Let’s dive a little deeper into convertible car seats and let you decide! 





As mentioned before, convertible car seats start rear-facing with your infant. They often have multiple recline positions, a newborn insert and side impact protection to keep those little heads safe! Once your child has out grown the rear facing stage, the seat is then switched to forward facing. Finally once your growing child is out of the forward facing stage- many convertible car seats also transform into a booster! Pictured below is the new Diono 3RXT 2020. This convertible car seat is suitable from birth (5lbs), all the way to 120lbs, has an infant insert wedge and a 10 year expiry!








Convertible car seats are much larger and heavier than infant seats- so we always recommend coming in store to dry fit one of our floor models in your car before you make your purchase.

Now let’s discuss the main advantages and drawbacks to convertibles. 


The main advantage parents love when purchasing an all-in-one convertible seat is of course- they are the most economically responsible! Instead of purchasing an infant car seat, then a forward facing seat, and then a booster- you can purchase an all-in-one, just like the Diono above. Another feature parents love about owning a convertible is the comfort and security that some children feel while in the seat. Some children never want to be strapped into a car seat- others love their seat and never want to get a new one. That’s why convertible car seats are great, because children can get used to the feeling of being in the same familiar seat as long as they can. 


There are a few reasons why parents decide to purchase an infant car seat before a convertible. One of the main reasons being the convenience of clicking the infant car seat in and out of the base, onto the stroller or just to carry in and out of different shops! Convertible car seats stay in the car, meaning if you need to transfer your baby to and from the car, you need to unwrap, unbuckle and re-buckle every time. Whereas with infant car seats such as the Clek Liing, they un-attach and reattach to the base (that stays in your car) in a matter of seconds!

Newborns require a lot of sleep, so taking them in and out of the car seat and waking up your little snoozer isn’t ideal for every parent. It is also important to consider that some hospitals won’t let you leave the day of your discharge without an infant seat, because they like to ensure parents know how to correctly buckle their brand new baby.  

There are many reasons why parents choose the convertible car seat over an infant car seat. Being the less expensive, grow as your child grows seat, parents love having one seat for as long as their children need! We often get concerns about newborns going in convertible car seats, because some parents find their little baby gets lost in such a big seat!

Rest assured, all car seats go through the exact same safety testing before they can hit the market in Canada. You’ll never need to question “Is this seat safe enough?” the answer is YES! The seat you purchase has been tested time and time again to ensure your little mini me is always safe and secure.

It is also important to consider the lifestyle you plan on living with your mini! Is your stroller newborn ready? Or would you need to attach an infant car seat? What are your birthing hospital's regulations on infant car seats? Do you want the convenience of being able to keep your baby in the car seat as you go in and out of shops? There's so many questions to ask yourself to ensure you're getting the perfect car seat for your precious new baby!  


Still deciding? Come in store and talk to one of our Little Canadian experts or test out a car seat in your car!