Little Canadian Reviews: Clek Foonf vs. Clek Fllo


Clek is an award winning Canadian car seat brand that focuses on making seats built with metal structures similar to vehicle designs. These designs are built to provide your child with the utmost safety in case of accidents. Two amazing car seats from Clek are the Clek Foonf and the Clek Fllo. In this blog we are going to discuss the similarities and differences between these two car seat models. 

See chart below for a visual representation.





Jersey Knit; Carbon-$589.99 Reef rider-$609.99

Standard C-zero plus; Snowberry, Ten year blue, Aura- $609.99

Tailored c-zero plus; pitch black, thunder, cloud-$629.99

100% Merino wool; Mammoth, full moon- $659.99

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Jersey Knit; Carbon-$439.99, Reef rider- $459.99

Standard C-zero plus; Flamingo, ten year blue, prince- $459.99

Tailored c-zero plus; Pitch black, thunder-$479.99

100% Merino wool; Mammoth, Twilight $509.99

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38lbs (33lbs forward-facing without the wedge base or anti-rebound bar)

28lbs (25lbs forward-facing without the anti-rebound bar)

14lbs-65lbs; 25-49inches

14lbs-65lbs; 25-49inches

28-32.5"H x 13-17"W x 17.5"L

26-31"H x 13-17"W x 24"L

Foonf features Rigid latch connectors for forward facing installations

Fllo uses a flexible latch system for rear and forward-facing installations

Foonf's react energy management system is designed to work best with a rigid latch installation

Fllo's react energy management system is designed to work best with a belt installation (vehicle or latch belt)

3 different recline positions 

Forward facing: position 1 or 2, Rear facing: position 2 or 3

Angled rear-facing base which attaches to the bottom of the seat

Fllo's angle may be adjusted by repositioning it on your vehicle seat.

Built in recline foot which swivels out into position to help provide an angle for rear facing

They are both manufactured to be slim enough to fit 3 seats across which benefits parents who need to put 3 car seats side by side

Safety Features

Here’s where the Clek Foonf and and Fllo mainly differ. The Foonf uses a REACT system, located in its seat base, which works with its rigid LATCH to actively reduce the force transmitted to a child in a frontal collision. The Fllo uses the Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology (EACT) which transfers crash forces away from the child and into the aluminum honeycomb deformable cores that are integrated into the seat base.

Both car seats include amazing safety features. One of these features is the side impact protection which includes an adjustable headrest, deep side wings, and dual layers of energy absorbing EPP foam for maximum protection. Included on both car seats is an anti-rebound bar to prevent rebounding when rear-facing in a frontal collision and rotation in a side-impact collision.


They both have similar dimensions but the only difference is the base. The Foonf has an attachable wedge which is used in rear facing mode and the Fllo has a flat base with an integrated flip foot to recline the car seat. This ends up making the Fllo a bit more compact than the Foonf. 

Latch installation

Another difference is the rigid vs standard latch installations. The Foonf has rigid latch installations for forward facing which is known to be an easier and safer installation being more secure and stronger than your standard belt latches which you can find on the Fllo. 

Weight and price difference

Clek Foonf is priced at a higher point due to the REACT system included in the Foonf car seat and because of this you are paying for the quality difference in the safety features. Due to the added safety features the Foonf weighs 10 more pounds than the Fllo because the React system in the Foonf is made with heavy duty magnesium steel. By going with the Foonf you would be sacrificing having that light and easy to carry car seat for the added safety features. Both seats have an amazing safety system inside of them but the quality is reflected through the price of the car seat.  

When do Clek Car Seats Expire? 

Clek car seats are Canadian made with a 1 + 2 year warranty and a 9 year expiry which gives you plenty of life for your car seat and once it reaches its end, Clek is a fully recyclable company which is nice and environmentally conscious!

Which one is better for me? 

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The Foonf and Fllo both have pros and cons. If you are looking for a cheaper and more compact car seat, or need a lighter weight due to moving car seats from car to car, then the Clek Fllo is a better choice. If you want that easy installation and the extra safety features than the Foonf would be a better choice. 

Your Little Canadian associates would be more than happy to help you make your decision and show you our floor models in store. Or you can check out these two car seats on our website.