The New Bugaboo Fox 3

We all know and love the  bugaboo fox 2, it has been a fan favorite since the release of the original Bugaboo Fox and has only gotten better throughout the models. Now the next big question everyone is asking is “ What is different about the Bugaboo Fox 3?”. With similar features, it can be hard to know to see what is actually so different and new about the Bugaboo Fox 3, but that is what we are here to do. 

The new Bugaboo Fox3 comes in brand new fabric colors! The new color options available are; Black + Washed Black, Black + Forest Green, Black + Midnight, Graphite + Dark Navy, and lastly Graphite + Stormy Blue! These new colors bring you a new experience while enjoying the new Fox3! These great color options range from bright and vibrant to cool muted hues, having the perfect color for anyone. These unique and amazing color options are unique and trendy, a far stretch from the overdone blacks and greys regularly seen in strollers.

Bugaboo Fox 3 bassinet and seat stroller | Bugaboo US

The on-trend super sleek Bugaboo Fox 3 has the unique and new feature of having 2 finish options for the chassis frame. With the original black color still being a great color option, they have added the new frame color of graphite grey. This Second option allows for your stroller to be more unique and customized to your own wants and needs. Really adding to the customizability of your stroller. 


 A brand new feature added is the Quick-click harness! Your little one can enjoy the new extremely soft shoulder pads, along with a 5-point buckle that ensures safety! Comes with secure straps which can be fastened individually, ultimately making the Fox 3 one of the safest and securest seats in the game! Bugaboo has designed this specifically to be sleek and durable to ensure easier maneuver helping you to always be in control while going in any direction! 


The fabric quality and durability are some of the most important features of any Stroller. Ultimately the fabric quality determines the longevity and life of the stroller. The Bugaboo Brand is known for its long-lasting and quality fabric and materials. The new Fox 3 is no different now including a brand new water repellent fabric that is more durable than ever before. Along with water repellent, it is also stain-resistant and easy to clean. To clean the canopy you can simply toss it into the washing machine on a cold gentle setting, hanging to dry afterward. Bugaboo’s detail to quality and luxury is shown in the upgraded logo that is now embroidered into the fabric, which was previously printed on. This small detail makes the stroller feel and look more high-end and sleek than ever before.


Our favorite part of the new Bugaboo Fox 3 is the advanced 3D bassinet mesh mattress! This newly added feature enhances the breathability of the mattress which further helps to regulate the body temperature of your little one! This bassinet is very spacious and comes with a new feature; a ventilation system! This will help keep your newborn cool and comfortable for the first 6 months! For the chilly days, you can add on the footmuffs which come in a variety of colors to match your stroller, or add a hint of color to change up the look! Overall, the Fox 3 will keep your newborn comfy and in style! 

Fox3Bugaboo footmuff