Top Three Baby High Chairs Review

Well Little Canadian’s… A few weeks ago we asked our lovely customers on our instagram (@littlecanadiankids) what products they would like a blog review on. You answered high chairs, and we listened! Today’s blog will be on the Peg Perego Siesta , the Maxi Cosi Minla and the Stokke Tripp Trapp!

These three high chairs are Little Canadian’s best sellers! With so many more added features and benefits, you might find yourself saying “I wish they had that when I was a kid”. Let’s face it- feeding isn’t always your child’s favourite thing to do. “I don’t like this!” followed by flying food and tears. Of course, finding a comfortable chair your child loves makes all the difference! Let’s make feeding a lot easier with the perfect high chair for you.

First we will dive into the Peg Perego Siesta. This high chair is 23lbs and comes with all the bells and whistles we need. Let’s start with the classic Peg Perego material of the seat. Smooth, soft, prima classe upholstery covered seat designed with messy feedings in mind. Peg Perego Siesta Licorice Canada Wipe away stuck on food effortlessly and avoid the stress of having to take off the cover and machine wash… This is a huge time saver. This chair can be used as a recliner to keep infants close to parents, and then of course a high chair until approximately three years old. This chair is also equipped with five recline positions, three foot rest positions and nine different height positions- perfect for any table. The wheel locks on this high chair can’t go without mentioning…

The wheel locks are located underneath both chair arms instead of the traditional locks located on the wheels. You can see the bright red lock buttons in the image below. This may not seem like a huge feature, but it certainly makes a difference not having to constantly bend down to the ground when getting your child in and out of the chair. Peg Perego Siesta Wheel Lock Storage Pouch imageThis high chair easily folds into a compact size for storing and traveling and has a storage on the back of the seat which is perfect for bibs, feeding utensils and high chair toys. With the wipe-down fabric, stop-and-go wheel locks and a dishwasher safe tray cover, Peg Perego makes feeding easy. 

The Maxi Cosi Minla is part of the brand new Maxi Cosi home series. This high chair is worth the weight, literally. You can see in the comparison chart that the Minla has three different modes! Maxi Cosi Minla Pink High Chair Review ImageThis seat starts as an infant seat that lays flat for ultimate infant support, transitions into your toddler high chair and then adapts again into a booster seat. This is done by removing the toddler seat and attaching the booster seat piece that is included with your purchase. Watch Maxi Cosi’s Youtube tutorial to learn how to use booster mode. Equipped with five recline positions, four adjustable footrest positions and nine adjustable seat heights, what more could you ask for?

Of course it goes without saying, Maxi Cosi is known for being “Cosi”. This high chair is equipped with high quality soft-to-touch material and an infant insert for maximum comfort. Maxi Cosi Minla Machine Washable FabricYou need to feel how soft and comfortable this chair is! Spills are going to happen. Not only is this chair fabric water repellent and can be wiped down, but you can also unzip the cover, throw it in the washing machine and forget about it. Check out the image to see how Maxi Cosi Minla cover can be removed. This high chair also has the ability to be folded into a compact size for storage and travel purposes. This is the most budget friendly high chair without sacrificing the features want, with great style options too! 

The Stokke Tripp Trapp is a very popular high chair that turns into a regular adult dining seat. The high chair seat itself is used from six months of age to three years. This means that this high chair is not newborn ready. This is very important to consider if you’re looking for a high chair you can place your newborn in to keep them close while the rest of the family is eating. However, they do offer a separate accessory to adapt the high chair and make it newborn ready, called the Tripp Trapp Newborn Set. Keep in mind that this is an additional $170+ purchase. Stokke Tripp Trapp Walnut Complete High ChairIf you’re looking for a high chair that doesn’t look like your typical high chair on wheels, this is the chair for you! Due to its sleek design many parents use this chair later on as a desk chair in their child’s bedroom, so the purchase is lasting a lifetime with the maximum adult capacity being 242lbs. This makes it worth spending the extra money to have the ability to adapt from a baby high chair into an adult seat! Also a great idea for grandparents with grandchildren of different ages. Quickly adapt this chair for any size child and bring them closer to the table.

Stokke Tripp Trapp Seat Adjustability ChartAlthough the seat can’t recline, Stokke offers a complete user guide on the appropriate positioning of your child based on age. You can see in the image that there are approximately 4-5 different seat heights and 14 different footrest height position recommendations. Adapt this seat to fit anyone in your family by moving the seat and footrest plates. 

Check out the comparison chart below to see which high chair is perfect for you!




Tripp Trapp





Use from

NB- 45lbs

NB-6 years




5 positions


Adjustable footrest

3 positions 

4 positions

Foot plate multi position

Adjustable Seat Height?

9 height positions

9 height positions

Multiple heights




Newborn recliner

High chair

Infant Seat

High chair


High chair





Tripp Trapp 


As you can see each seat has great individual features. The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is incomparable in terms of adaptability, as it can be used by adults as well. This chair is more expensive, but lasts a lifetime. The Peg Perego Siesta has wipe-down fabric (a huge time saver) and amazing stop-and-go wheel locks that lock automatically for safety. The Siesta is ideal for parents that will be moving high chair to different locations for feedings. The Minla offers the most adjustable positions with nine height positions, four footrest positions and five reclines. The Maxi Cosi Minla is the most budget-friendly option, without sacrificing all the bells and whistles we love. 

If you’re interested in finding out more on these high chairs, give us a call at 905-785-1120 and our Little Canadian Experts can help answer all your questions. Want to see the chairs in person to compare? No problem! Come see us in store and learn how to use this high chair!