Top 3 Baby Carriers Comparison: BabyBjorn vs. Ergobaby vs. Lillebaby

There are many reasons parents love using baby carriers instead of or in addition to a stroller. The ability to have your baby by your side and still knock off those to-do tasks is a huge advantage. 

Baby carriers are the perfect hand free option for parents when traveling, walking or doing your day to day activities. Keeping your baby close not only increases the bond between parent and child, but helps soothe the baby due to the closeness that reminds them of the womb and the parent’s ability to quickly react when the baby is upset. 

Baby wearing has many added health benefits for both the parents, and the baby. 

For mom, did you know due to the skin to skin contact, it can reduce the risk of postpartum depression? Not to mention it promotes easy traveling, making it easier to go out and about, which also adds to the reduced risk of postpartum. There are many health benefits for your baby, too! When you position your baby in the carrier, they use new muscle groups to learn to balance themselves comfortably in the carrier. Baby wearing also reduces the risk of flat head syndrome, colic and reflux diseases in infants. 

 BabyBjorn, Ergobaby and Lillebaby are all leading the baby industry with their best selling infant carriers. Each with different features and designs, it’s no wonder choosing the right carrier can be so difficult! 

BabyBjorn is one of the industry leading companies for infant carriers! Designed with families in mind, BabyBjorn is known for supplying great mesh carriers to keep parents and children cool and comfortable during any climate. Their most recent release, the BabyBjorn One Air, is used for children 8lbs-33lbs (about 3 years old), and can be carried in four front and back positions! Equipped with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt for more even weight distribution. The One Air is certified hip-healthy from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.  Known for their breathable mesh fabric and being very BabyBjorn best Infant Carrier review Canadalightweight and comfortable to carry, the BabyBjorn One Air, has the ability to grow with your newborn, all the way to toddler days. The only complaint we’ve read about this carrier is that some parents find their newborn doesn’t fit as comfortably due to the carrier being larger. This can of course be avoided by following the instructions provided with the carrier! 

Ergobaby is another industry leading company for infant carriers! One of our best sellers, the Ergobaby Omni 360, is equipped with lumbar back support for more comfort, the ability to adjust from newborn to toddler size and even comes with a detachable storage pouch for an even more hands free option. This carrier can be used Ergobaby Best infant carriers review canadafrom 7lbs-45lbs, is machine washable and is great for discreetly breastfeeding on the go! The Omni 360 can be used in four different positions to carry and a crossable shoulder strap for an even more snug fit. The only complaints about this carrier would be that some infants find the material uncomfortable. Although there are many inexpensive ways to avoid this complaint, we always recommend coming in store to try out a floor model before purchasing! 

Lillebaby is the last leading carrier brand we are discussing in this article. Lilebaby’s best seller at Little Canadian is the Lillebaby All Seasons Carrier. This carrier can be used from birth (7lbs) all the way to 45lbs, with no infant insert needed! With six different carrying positions and shoulder straps can be crossed or worn backpack style for a more comfortable carry. Discreet and simplified breastfeeding is a huge added bonus with this carrier. Let’s talk fabric- Ultra soft, ultra light, good for all seasons! With the temperature regulating zip dowLillababy Best Infant Carrier Canada Reviewn panel that reveals a mesh fabric to keep parent and baby cool and comfortable. Slim zippered pocket allows for a more hands-free adventure! The only complaint we’ve heard about this carrier is that some people aren’t the biggest fan of the material. Come in store and check it out for yourself!

When deciding what baby carrier is right for you, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for. Do you only want to carry for the first year? Or do you need a carrier that will support your child up to 45lbs? How about an extra storage pouch attachment, or mesh fabric for the summer days! Each carrier is unique with different features and designs, for more information come in our baby store and find the perfect baby carrier for you and seek advice from our Little Canadian experts