Baby Summer Essentials

A hot summer can be uncomfortable for anyone, especially for a baby who is not used to the heat and hasn’t quite mastered regulating their temperature yet. The summer is a lot of fun, the perfect time for walks and day trips but as a parent, you have to aware of the dangers of the heat and the sun. These must-have products will make sure that your baby is cool and comfortable all summer long. Making for a safe and fun summer for everyone involved.

Lightweight blanket or car seat cover 

A blanket or cover is perfect for blacking the baby from the sun, but the little one can get hot fast. It is important to make sure that the blanket you are using is breathable and lightweight. Some materials that are great for this are light stretchy cotton like this one or Muslim is another great fabric to use. Additionally, some companies make specific sun covers that work perfectly.

Loulou Lollipop - Muslin SwaddleKyte Baby - Swaddle Blanket (Infant)

Lightweight Summer Clothes 

Though a baby might be the coolest in a short and t-shirt combo this isn’t always the best choice because of 2 reasons. Shorts and 2 piece sets can often be uncomfortable and limit their movements and don’t protect the little ones from the sun. That being set many footie s can be too hot summer days. Best summer footies with be ones made with light and stretchy cotton. Kyte baby and Posh Peanut are awesome brands that will be perfect for hot summer days.

Kyte Baby - Printer Zippered FootiePosh Peanut - Zippered Ruffled Footie - Vintage Pink RosePosh Peanut - Zippered Footie - Sailor Blue

Baby Sunscreen 

Babies 6 months and older can use sunscreen. You want to makes sure that the sunscreen is natural and ideally chemical-free. It is important to reapply often and still use other forms of sun protection and being directly in the sun can get hot many anyone. Before 6 months babies need to be using only other forms of sun protection and not sunscreen yet.

Baby Boo Bamboo - Natural Sunscreen LotionWhat is SPF & What Does it Stand For? The Meaning of SPF – Colorescience


A sun hat is a perfect item to fully protect your little one when out and about on a sunny day. Not only does it protect from the sun it also protects their eyes from the dangerous rays. Not only are they functional these zoocchini hats are absolutely adorable as well.

Zoocchini - Baby Sun Hat - SharkZoocchini - Baby Sun Hat - WhaleZoocchini - Baby Sun Hat - Alicorn