Baby Milestones

Your little one’s first year is going to be full of surprises, joy and growth (with a few challenges thrown in along the way). From starting solids to cutting that first tooth, rolling over to crawling… there is plenty in store and lots to look forward to. Here is our handy month-to-month milestone guide to follow so that you know what to expect:


Baby Milestones at 1 Month

Your gorgeous little bundle has been cooing and gurgling her way into your heart for 4 weeks now. While up until now it may have seemed that all she did was sleep, eat and poop, this is the time when you may start to notice a little personality all of her own coming through.

By 1 month, your baby will be able to:

  • Lift her head briefly when doing tummy-time
  • Focus on mom and dad’s facial features


Baby Milestones at 2 Months

All of that eating and sleeping means that your little angel is growing and developing at an exponential rate. By the 2-month stage, you will probably have caught a glimpse of baby’s beautiful first smile. While it might have been gas a few weeks earlier, babies start to smile genuinely between 8 and 12 weeks of age. It is at this stage that his hearing is also fully developed.

At 2 months old, your baby will probably be able to:

  • Smile in response to your smile
  • Smile randomly throughout the day
  • Respond to auditory stimulation (such as a bell) by startling, crying or listening intently


Baby Milestones at 3 Months

    The hard part is over (or at least, so they say). Your baby is no longer a newborn! Congratulations – you made it this far despite the sleep deprivation and having a little one attached to you day in and day out. While all babies are different, it is at this time that your bundle may start to sleep better at night as she can now differentiate between day and night.

    By 3 months of age, your baby will also probably be able to:

    • Lift her head up 45 degrees during tummy-time


    Baby Milestones at 4 Months

      Baby is growing every day and keeping mom and dad filled with joy with generous smiles and giggles. Yes, it is around this time that babies tend to laugh for the first time. It is one of those special moments that very few parents will ever forget.

      At 4 months old, your little one will also probably be able to:

      • Lift his head up 90 degrees during tummy time
      • Follow an object with his head and eyes when held about 15 cm above his face


      Baby Milestones at 5 Months

        By the time your baby reaches 5 months, he will likely have doubled his birth weight. What a cute chunky monkey he has become! The fifth month also brings about various other changes, and your baby will likely be able to sit up with a bit of help and support. He will also likely be able to roll over from his tummy onto his back (some babies do this earlier at 4 months of age).

        By 5 months, your baby will also probably be able to:

        • Hold his head steady when sitting upright
        • Raise his chest off the floor during tummy-time, using his arms for support
        • Squeal
        • Reach for objects
        • Hold his toys confidently
        • Pay attention to smaller objects on the floor, such as a raisin or an ant


        Baby Milestones at 6 Months

          Let the messy fun begin – it is time to start the solids! Do not be afraid to get creative with the foods you offer to your baby. Now is a great time to allow her to start exploring a variety of different flavours. This is also when baby will likely get her first tooth (although some cut that first tooth as early as 3 months and others again as late as 14 months of age).

          By 6 months old, your baby will probably:

          • Have excellent head and neck control
          • Roll over from her back onto her tummy
          • Start babbling using various consonant and vowel combinations
          • Be able to sit unsupported for a few seconds


          Baby Milestones at 7 Months

            Your 7 month will likely be getting quite into this food business by now and may be more open to trying new flavours that you introduce.

            She will also likely:

            • Be able to self-feed using her hands
            • Blow raspberries
            • Coo when happy and content
            • Be able to sit completely unsupported


            Baby Milestones at 8 Months

              Unless he was an early bloomer, your little one will likely start to crawl at around 8 months old (although it is normal for babies to crawl as early as 6 months and as late as 10 months – and some babies never crawl at all!).

              Other baby milestones to expect at 8 months of age include:

              • Standing with support
              • Raking an object with his fingers and grasping it in his fist
              • Turning towards the sound of your voice
              • Looking for an object that he dropped


              Baby Milestones at 9 Months

                Your little one is starting to interact with you more and more, and you will undoubtedly be delighting in his constant babbling and squeals of joy. It is around this time that babies also start to understand a few basic words, like ‘hello’, ‘bye-bye’ and ‘no’.

                At this age, your baby will also likely be able to:

                • Work to get hold of a toy that is just out of reach


                Baby Milestones at 10 Months

                  Baby will be getting the hang of standing with support and will probably want to practice this skill as often as possible. Your little one is also becoming more and more aware of her surroundings, and it is now that separation anxiety may become evident.

                  By 10 months of age, your baby will also probably:

                  • Object (strongly) when you take something away from her
                  • Play peek-a-boo
                  • Say a few words unconsciously, like ‘mama’ and ‘dada’
                  • Copy your gestures
                  • Clap her hands


                  Baby Milestones at 11 Months

                    If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start introducing new textures, other than purees, to your baby.

                    At 11 months old, he will likely be able to:

                    • Get into a sitting position from his tummy
                    • Use his pincer grip quite well
                    • Understand a wide variety of words


                    Baby Milestones at 12 Months

                      Your angel is now one whole year old! If you are lucky, she might even have said her first word (although some babies only start to talk closer to 18 months). Walking is also a possibility – most babies will take their first steps very close to their 1st birthday (although some walk as early as 9 months and some as late as 14 months).

                      Other milestones at 12 months of age include:

                      • Cruising (i.e. walking using furniture as support)
                      • Using gestures to communicate with parents


                      Welcome to Toddlerhood!

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