Baby Bath Essentials

A parent knows better than anyone else that babies, get messy and dirty just a little too quickly. Some babies love baths while others are just not interested in it at all. A few bath time essentials and products will make bath time go much quicker and smoother. Here are our ultimate baby bath time must-haves that will make any baby a bath lover.

Baby Bathtub 

A baby bathtub is an item that many parents decide to opt-out of buying. Instead opting in for make-shift bath times in a full-sized bath or sink. A baby bathtub can make having both much more comfortable and safe for a baby. A baby both tub ensures the baby is at a proper angle and stays snug in place, less chance of injuries. Here are some of our favorite bathtubs and a sink insert to have a great option when traveling or needing a bath away from home. 

Boon - Naked Bath TubSkip Hop - Moby Soft Sink Bather

Bath Thermometer 

Like any little ones, babies are very sensitive to temperature and the wrong temperature can hurt them or just make for an uncomfortable bath time. Hospitals suggest bathwater be just above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the only way to really know for sure is with a bath thermometer. They come in an awry of styles and designs that make them super cute bath toys. This safety First thermometer is super cute.

bblüv - Kräb 3-in-1 Bath ThermometerSafety 1st - Baby 'Bath Pal" Thermometer


Infant and babies’ skin can be super sensitive and gentle products is always the way to go. Dermatologists recommend scentless or lightly scented for everyone. Natural chemical-free soaps and lotions are the best, safest way to go but any gentile non scented products will get the job done. Like always, when switching products make sure to inspect for rashes or any kind of reaction to the products.

Baby Boo Bamboo - Gift SetAleva Naturals - 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash


As the little one starts to get a bit bigger and moving around, bath time can start to feel pretty restricting and boring. Having some super cute and fun bath toys makes it that much more enjoyable for them and might just distract them from splashing you. Using specifically designed bath toys is crucial to your baby’s health. other items or toys might develop water damage or molding. These are some bath safe toys for little ones of all ages. 

Skip Hop - Zoo Mix & Match Foam Pals Bath ToysSkip Hop - Zoo Bath PuzzleBoon - Cast Fishing Pole Bath Toy

Baby towel 

After a nice warm and relaxing bath, the last thing a baby wants to be is wet and cold or even worse wrapped in a scratchy towel. Super-soft hooded towels will not only dry the baby and keep them warm but also stay on better while completing the after-bath routine. Here are some warm, soft, AND super cute options. 

Zoocchini - Baby Towel

Hygiene Items 

After bath time is to do anything hygiene-related to the baby. This included hair brushing, clipping nails, cleaning out their noise, and applying lotions. All these hygiene items are small and get lost around the house very easily. Having a caddy or kit keeps them in the place and ready for bath time. Here are our recommendations for hygiene products and great storage products to keep them all in the same place.

Kyte Baby -  3 Peice Brush SetFridababy - Hairbrush & Comb Set


Ultimately without caution nd the proper supplies bath time can be dangerous and scary task. These must have bath time essential will make bath time fun and relaxing for both you and the baby. For Little Canadians full range of bath products CLICK HERE