After Birth Essential's For New Moms

Many mothers are often, rightfully, so are stressed about what the baby needs after they are born. But what about the mother? What do they need after birth? There are a lot of items that are essentials for the mothers recovery that often go forgotten one has to pick up at the last minute. Don't let that be you, here is our list on the mothers afterbirth essentials that you will be thanking us later for making. 

  1. Disposable underwear for post birth

After birth things can get messy and it's not worth ruining your clothes. Disposable underwear takes the stress out of a new mothers day and prevents any sort of leak. The brands we carry are soft, comfortable but most of all discreet. 

  1. Instant ice packs 

After giving birth things get sore and swollen in the vaginal region. Applying ice or cooling products will relive and help with the healing process. For many reasons regular ice or ice packs are not ideal for this type of use. Frida Moms make these awesome instant ice maxi pads that will keep “down there” cold but also dry. 

    3. Peri Rinse Bottle 

Doctors recommend washing your  perineum with lukewarm water or other solutions regularly after birth to prevent any infections. Rinsing seems simple enough but can be a difficult task especially trying to do it alone or without getting yourself soaked in the process. Frida Moms Upside down peri bottle allows you to do this task with ease. It is a must have to make things go smoothly. 

FridaMom -  Upside Down Peri Bottle

4.Perineal Spray 

A perineal spray can speed up the healing process as well and soothe the area. These sprays are great for instant relief and are used before and after birth. All natural ingredients are safe and beneficial. If the spray doesn't sound appealing then a balm is available as well.

Earth Mama Organics - Herbal Perineal SprayEarth Mama Organics - Organic Perineal Balm