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As a doting parent, there is no doubt that keeping your baby safe is a top priority for you. In order to do that, you will need the right baby safety products that you can count on. Here at Little Canadian, we stock superior quality baby safety products from the best manufacturers from all around the world. Below, we provide you with a snapshot look at our extensive selection:


Baby Monitors

Baby monitors offer parents peace of mind when their little ones are fast asleep in their cribs. There are many different types of baby monitors to choose from, such as video baby monitors, wi-fi baby monitors and basic auditory baby monitors. The one that you choose to buy will depend on your budget restrictions and your preferences.


Baby Safety Gates

Baby safety gates help to prevent curious infants and toddlers from accessing dangerous areas within the home, such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Baby safety gates are also designed to prevent babies from falling down the stairs. The good news is that most are very easy to install – no DIY know-how required!


Baby Bed Rails

Baby bed rails have been designed to stop your little one from rolling out of bed during the night. These rails are simply placed on the edges of the bed and can be raised and lowered as needed. They are a great idea especially if you have a toddler who moves around a lot in their sleep (don’t they all??).


Baby Door Locks

When your toddler learns how to open doors, no room in the house is safe! Keep little ones out for the sake of your home and their safety with the help of quality baby door locks. Easy to install and easy to remove as and when necessary.


Baby Cabinet Locks

Not only is a toddler who constantly unpacks your cupboards annoying, but it can be dangerous too. This is true especially if you keep glass plates and cups, or cleaning chemicals, in these cabinets. Baby cabinet locks will quickly help to remedy the problem.


Baby Drawer Locks

Protect baby’s fingers and your perfectly organized drawers with the right baby drawer locks. They are a cinch to install and are also very affordable.


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